We are a small team that knows how to organize to amplify our reach.

We are organizers, idealists, connectors, and strategists who believe in the power of coming together to build something better, one conversation at a time.


Dani Isaacsohn


Nikita Anderson

Director of Organizing

Nia Baucke

Director of Communications

Jessica Moore

Community Organizer


Aimee Dirig

Policy Coordinator


Jasmine Ayres

Columbus Lead Organizer


Monique Gilliam

Cincinnati Lead Organizer


Adam Denney

Communication Lead


Jenn Brown

Executive Director at Civic Nation

Jahi Wise

Advisor, Organizing and Business Development

Vada Hill

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Jackson-Hewitt, Fannie Mae, Taco Bell

Gideon Hayden

Co-Founder & Partner at Leaders Fund

Annie Rittgers

Advisor and Partner, Strategy and Growth

Zoe Vance

Advisor, Technical/Product

Abdi Aidid

Advisor, Operations

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