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Changing the way leaders learn from their community.

We connect leaders with the everyday experts they need to harness the power of lived experience and produce better results.

How it Works


Organizing Model

We organize through the Cohear network of “Bridgebuilders” in the community to make sure we get the right people - the everyday experts - to the table. 


A New Kind of
Focus Group

No two-way mirrors, no participation gimmicks. Cohear focus groups are facilitated discussions where leaders get to learn directly from the everyday experts, building trust and making connections along the way. 


to Drive Change

We organize conversations that connect everyday experts — people with lived experiences — to decision-makers. These conversations generate actionable insights and ideas that we summarize in reports and strategy documents.

“The three conversations we did with Cohear - I can’t think of a time when we learned more. They were totally transformational for us.”


— Meghan Cummings, Executive Director of the Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

What We Believe

We believe that living an issue everyday makes you an expert, and that leaders make better decisions when they can learn directly from the everyday experts. Cohear works with the organizations, institutions, and government agencies that impact people's day to day lives.

Past and Current Partners

Ready to learn more from everyday expertise and building bridges in your community?

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