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Insights Report: Supporting Our Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

Our community is faced with the struggles of losing steady income, managing childcare and at-home learning, and wondering how they will navigate an uncertain and difficult future.

As our city leaders come together to make emergency assistance decisions and contingency plans, it is easy to think: “There is no time to consult the community. Now is the time to just decide what’s best for people, and act.” We believe that type of thinking, while well-intentioned, is misguided.

Since mid-March, our team has been convening brainstorms between people immediately impacted by the crisis and various leaders across Cincinnati. In addition to the in depth-summaries on our websites, we’ve compiled some of the top takeaways in a report, Supporting Our Community During the COVID-19 Crisis.

In times of crisis, it is more important than ever to listen as closely as we can to the voices of those in need. We hope you’ll take some time to read the report and share with others.

Thank you to the organizations and leaders that have participated in these conversations: GCF, the Cincinnati Chamber, CPS, the Urban League, and the Women’s Fund.

Most importantly, we are grateful to the everyday experts for sharing their stories and offering ideas and solutions that are helping address emergency needs.

As a city, we can come out on the other side of this pandemic as a national leader for innovative and inclusive growth if we put the right pieces in place. With partners and leaders across the city, we are hoping to launch a “Cincy Comeback Initiative” that can help drive these collaborative efforts. We’ll keep you posted with more information.


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