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Learn more about Cohears community engagement, strategy, and results.


Cohear is a community engagement and strategy company. We drive better decisions by getting the right people — the everyday experts — to the table.

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We believe living an issue every day makes you an expert, and leaders make better decisions when they can access and learn from those "everyday experts." 
Deep insights shouldn't just be for consumer products. Decision-makers in government, anchor institutions, and major companies need the wisdom of lived experience to produce better results. 

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We believe that real relationships are essential to community engagement. That's why we've built a powerful civic network of Cohear "Bridgebuilders" who are committed to helping get new voices to the table. We utilize proven organizing strategies to activate the Bridgebuilder network and empower everyday experts to participate. 

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We help leaders develop meaningful solutions to difficult problems by organizing and engaging with community members with lived experience. Through our unique combination of outreach and facilitation, we bring decision-makers and everyday experts together in forward-thinking focus group conversations. Our community engagement efforts produce clear insights, actionable ideas, and innovative strategies for change.  

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