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Employee Spotlight: Dr. Angelica Hardee

Employee Spotlight is a Cohear blog series meant to share more about the amazing individuals on our team.We are excited to introduce you to Dr. Angelica Hardee, Cohear's Public Health Fellow

We’re so excited to have you on the Cohear team! How did you first hear about Cohear and what was your initial impression?

I’ve been a bridgebuilder for over a year now. I am very familiar with the work and wanted to be a part of the impactful team.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and your PhD work?

My PhD studies focused on healthy policy and global health systems. Since graduating in 2017 I have worked tirelessly on addressing policy, system and environmental changes in the region.

What are you most excited for in your role at Cohear?

I have the opportunity to work with so many individuals and organizations that assist in improving health outcomes. I know working together is how health systems and community organizations make large scale systems change and address health concerns.

Is there anything about Cohear’s work that you find most surprising or enjoyable?

Facilitating tough conversations is a skill, and I am excited to learn from the best!

What are some of the goals you hope to get out of a fellowship with Cohear?

I hope to assist in providing a public health and health policy lenses to the amazing work CoHear is already doing. Hopefully I can be an assist to the outstanding team!

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Energetic, fearless (minus spiders), Passionate

What are the three words you would use to describe Cohear?

Genuine, Honest, Helpful

Do you have a favorite travel destination?

I travel often but I still haven't topped my trip to Ghana in 2015!

How about your favorite movie or TV show?

I have seen every single episode of Law & Order SVU! I also love This is Us!

Anything else you want to add or share about yourself?

Please reach out if you want to learn more about me @dr_hardee on everything!


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