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We organize conversations that connect everyday experts — people with lived experiences — to decision makers. These conversations generate actionable insights and ideas that we summarize in reports and strategy documents.

Cohear Annual Report 2020

Transforming how decisions are made in our city, together.

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Housing Crisis
in Cincinnati

If we are going to tackle a housing crisis where over 40,000 low-income families lack quality, affordable housing, we are going to need a comprehensive strategy. This report is a part of a pro bono effort we launched in late 2018 to bring the voices of the people who are living through the housing crisis to the table with a range of decision makers.

Making Schools Safer by Addressing Bullying

When Cincinnati Public Schools wanted to build a better plan for effectively addressing bullying, Cohear connected them to the everyday experts — students who had experienced bullying — along with their parents, teachers and administrators. We learned that the path to solutions starts with helping students build deeper connections with one another.

Changing Charitable Giving

During their annual planning for the upcoming year, the Women's Fund of the Greater Cincinnati knew they wanted to implement more innovative strategies to better serve the community. They worked with our team to listen to and implement the ideas of the women impacted most by the issues that they are committed to addressing, shifting meaningful power in the process.

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