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The Housing Crisis in Cincinnati, According to the People Living Through It

Cohear Releases Community Insights Report on Housing Crisis in Cincinnati

New housing should be for families, even if those units are not as profitable as two bedrooms. Displacement is about more than just an increase in rental prices, it is about the breakdown of social networks as people are forced to move far away from families and friends. Residents in areas of historic disinvestment that are now seeing capital flood in should have the opportunity to join the “upside” of development. Neighborhoods should have a spectrum of housing options and residents that reflect the diversity of our city. 

These are among the key ideas in Cohear’s new report Stories of the Housing Crisis in Cincinnati: The Urgent Need for a Better Path Forward.

The report serves as a summary of the engagement work Cohear has done around housing development and affordability. The focus of this effort was to bring together decision makers and the “everyday experts” - people who live the issues - to highlight the realities of the challenges and brainstorm potential paths forward.  The report features stories and insights from residents and neighbors across the city of Cincinnati who are struggling with the lack of quality, affordable housing first hand. 

“We believe that living an issue every day makes you an expert,” said Cohear’s Lead Organizer, Nikita Anderson. “No policy of priorities should be made without the voices and ideas of tenants, residents and neighbors in our community.” 

“There is a housing crisis in our region: there are not enough safe, affordable places for people to call home. We hope that this report serves as a catalyst for the next phase of developing a county-wide affordable housing strategy whose scope and ambition match the scale of the need.” said Dani Isaacsohn, founder and CEO of Cohear.

The report can be viewed here.


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