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Team Cohear Appreciation

Our work at Cohear - elevating and empowering everyday experts to change the culture of how decisions get made - only happens because of our incredible team. To a person, each member of our team is driven by a commitment to serving others, to improving the lives of those around them, and in producing excellent work at every step along the way. I am so grateful to the energy, light, and wisdom that our team brings to our work, and that is why I wanted to take this week of thanks to highlight these change makers and doers. I learn from them every day, and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating how awesome they are!

-Dani Isaacsohn | Cohear Founder/CEO

Nia Baucke

Nia sets the tone. So much of our culture as an organization has been built by Nia’s energy: her work ethic, deeply rooted values, and sharp sense of humor. Nia is guided by clear convictions, and leads with those values in ways that the rest of us have learned we would be wise to follow. I am so grateful for everything we all get to learn from Nia’s example, and the path she has carved for Cohear these past few years.

Nikita Anderson

They don’t make hearts as big as Nikita’s in regular sizes, they only come custom-made. Nikita is truly a unique soul, someone who is able to embody empathy for everyone she meets, alongside a burning sense of solidarity and anger in the face of injustice, racism, and inequality. That’s why Nikita is so well-suited to build our community, because Bridgebuilders truly are her village, and we are all lucky to be a part of it.

Jasmine Ayres

It’s hard to walk into a room in Columbus without someone recognizing Jasmine and coming up to say hi. From the cleaning staff to the board chair, everyone has a story about how Jasmine has gone above and beyond to help them or their organization. It costs her precious sleep, but when someone in Columbus calls in a time of crisis, Jasmine answers. Being a servant-leader is just what Jasmine is about, and it is who she is.

Jessica Moore

I have yet to meet the person that Jessica can’t find something to talk about with or an issue to connect on. Jessica is curious about everything and everyone, and at her core is driven by the idea that everyone deserves happiness. You feel it right when you meet her: her desire to truly get to know you, and that she wants what is best for you. That is how she’s able to build such wonderful connections with Bridgebuilders across our city, because they feel it too.

Monique Gilliam

Whatever “it” is, Monique’s got it. If you’re ever seen her meet someone new, you’ll understand. Immediately they are her best friend, brought in by her mile-wide smile and amped up by the way she can pour energy into other people. But the reason Monique is so amazing at building community is because on the other side of her charm is a fierce loyalty, radical honesty, and a deep sense of what is right. Everyone wants Monique on their side, and if you are kind and real, she will be every time.

Aimee Dirig

Aimee has more talents and skills than a swiss-army knife. I was lucky to get to know her when she was still in college and came to work for us as an intern, and even more fortunate when she joined Cohear as her first role out of school. As we have grown, she has been able to establish herself as a leader on the team, driving projects, guiding clients, and using her gifts as a writer to bring everyday expertise to life in ways that drive tangible change.

Adam Denney

I love the way Adam thinks. Adam is able to use their compassion to connect with the lived experiences that everyday experts share with us in our work, and then filter those ideas through a creative lens. That filter is where the magic happens, because Adam’s creativity elevates the ideas, in turn empowering the everyday experts who shared them. Adam is generous with their creative spirit and vision, and all of our work is lifted up as a result.


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