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News: Study says Cincinnati needs more affordable housing units to help break cycle of poverty

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Cohear CEO Dani Isaacsohn discusses our recent report on the housing crisis in while Cohear Bridgebuilder and Walnut Hills resident Kendra Davis shares her story and why she believes improving access to affordable housing in Cincinnati can radically change the cycle of poverty.

How do we end poverty in our city? We believe it starts with a place called home.

In this interview with WKRC's Walter Smith-Randolph, Cohear CEO Dani Isaacsohn and Bridgebuilder Kendra Davis share why they believe affordable housing is a crucial policy we need to address when it comes to poverty.

"Housing is the most important policy to focus on when we're thinking about tackling poverty because if you have a safe, stable place to call home, then you can focus on your school work, you can focus finding a job, you can focus on the things you need to thrive," said Isaacsohn.

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