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Employee Spotlight: Aimee Liston

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Employee Spotlight is a new Cohear blog series meant to share more about the amazing individuals on our team. Every month, we’ll share a quick Q&A with one of our team members so you can get to know us a little bit better.

This month, we’d love for you to get to know the newest (well...sort of new) member of our team: Aimee Liston! Aimee initially joined Cohear as an Intern from January to March of 2019, serving as Interim Chief of Staff. Now, a recent Miami University (OH) graduate, Aimee joins our team once again as Policy Coordinator. We’re excited to have Aimee’s unique perspective (and her amazing writing and research skills) back on the team.

Hi Aimee! We’re so excited to have you on the Cohear team...again! How did you first hear about Cohear and what was your initial impression?

I ran across an internship posting on Handshake and I was immediately struck by the value of the service Cohear provides. Like so many others, my first thought was “how does everyone not know about this? Talking to the people who live the issues should be the first step in any decision-making process!” The posting was for a fall internship and I knew I wouldn’t be available until winter, but I decided to go out on a limb and apply anyway--I figured I had nothing to lose! I ended up hearing back right away, and served as Interim Chief of Staff from January-March 2019 before traveling to Germany for a semester abroad.

Is there anything in particular you look forward to doing in your new role as Policy Coordinator?

I’m a total nerd for the little details, and lucky me, that’s something I get to focus on all the time! I’ll be drafting communications and doing policy best practice research, both areas that usually require lots of patience, re-reading, and re-writing. I find it a fun challenge to figure out the best way to present information in order to make it clear and readable.

You recently graduated from Miami University...congrats! What did you study there and how do you think it relates to your work now?

I double majored in Linguistics and German with a minor in creative writing. I really enjoyed both my degrees, and I think the communication, research, and information synthesis skills I learned through them are critical in my work for Cohear. Linguists and second language learners alike learn how to think critically about privilege and communication, which leads to a deeper understanding of how marginalized groups’ insights are likely to be suppressed if they don’t conform to language standards set by those in power.

What are the three words you would use to describe Cohear?

Essential, insightful, impactful.

What do you love most about Cincinnati?

I think Cincinnati has the best of both worlds--it’s a big enough city that there’s always something fun to do and there are great parks and museums, but it’s small enough that you can get to know people in your neighborhood and experience a real sense of community.

Do you have a favorite travel destination?

When I studied in Munich, I loved hiking in the Bavarian Alps (and quite literally dream about going back). Fun fact, there’s almost always a Biergarten halfway up the mountain so you can stop and fill up on beer and carbs before hiking the hardest part that leads right up to the summit! Bavarian hikers are really friendly, and almost always greet each other with a “servus” (literally means “at your service”) when passing.

How about your favorite line from a movie or TV show?

“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it. Don't wait for it. Just let it happen.” --Special Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

Anything else you want to add or share about yourself?

I’m getting married this fall to Noah Dirig, the kindest and wisest person I’ve ever met. He and I like to write and perform music together (though admittedly, he’s way more talented than I am) and hope to be playing (COVID-19 safely) in public again soon!

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