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Updated: Feb 13

Since mid-March, our team has been convening brainstorms between people immediately impacted by the crisis and community leaders in our community. In addition to sharing summaries on our website, we’ve compiled some of the top takeaways in two different reports.

Our most recent report, Strategies For Making Cincinnati A Safer Place for Black Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis, highlighted the insights we learned specifically from African-American essential workers and healthcare professionals.

In addition to sharing the report with our community, partners and the Cincinnati leaders, we had the opportunity to discuss what we’ve learned with reporters in the region.

Check out these recent articles to learn more about our most recent report in the context of current events:

“Just like Ohio really had the opportunity to be the model when it came to taking the lead in how we protect our citizens, Cincinnati has the opportunity to be the model city when it comes to figuring out how to address these disparities we're seeing in the black community.”

"We have to first understand the social determinants of public health and how policies of disinvestment and inequalities have failed communities of color in this country for decades.”

"Sometimes we feel that we're not able really to take a break because people are always working. Personal time to just, you know, sit down and relax and take a vacation or take a day off, we don't really have that."

Visit our COVID-19 page to learn more about the conversations that we’ve organized to identify ways we community leaders can help people immediately impacted by the crisis.


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