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Cohear Takes DC!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Cohear never slows down on our mission to change the culture of decision making by connecting everyday experts–those with lived experience of a given issue–with those decision makers who are leading our local institutions and organizations. And while there is so much more work to do, we also have a chance to celebrate some wins along the way!

Last week Team Cohear took DC by storm! We know that deep engagement happens at the grassroots level, but we need all leaders to support and amplify this work from their broader platforms. Cohear’s founder and CEO Dani Isaacsohn met with White House officials to lead in discussions about how to strengthen civic engagement and bridge building across the country. Yea, you heard that right. Cohear in the white house bringing what we have learned in our regions to nation leaders.

And the fun continued on. Cohear met with the Policy and Impact team at Snapchat to brainstorm how they can continue to activate civic participation among young people. Fun fact: did you know that Snapchat reaches 90 percent of people ages 13-24 in the country? What are we learning in 2022 so far? Major companies are taking an impact first approach to corporate responsibility! And we could not be more excited about Snapchat's plans to engage young people to become more active local citizens.

Oh, and we didn't stop there. We closed out our DC takeover with a sit down with the Access to Justice Team at the Department of Justice. We know that if we want to truly make access to justice equitable for all, we need to explore new ways to make sure that everyday experts are at the table and driving the insights to shape those efforts.

And while we did get a chance to pause and smell the roses (with a tour of the White House Rose Garden), we are coming back to our region this week on fire! Cohear continues to stay motivated to change the culture of decision making to empower leaders to listen and learn from the experiences of everyday experts. When we do this we produce policies and actions that just make sense.

Team Cohear is very grateful for the opportunity to motivate our leaders by providing them with insights to the work we do everyday and the power that comes when we everyday experts are leading the way.


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