Staying true to our mission during the COVID-19 Health Crisis

We believe lived experiences can and should help guide our emergency responses. 

Our community is faced with the struggles of losing their jobs, closing their businesses, being responsible for their child’s education or managing childcare, and wondering how they are going to manage what seems to be a very uncertain and difficult future. 


In order to try and make sure that the needs and ideas of people most impacted by the economic situation are elevated and included, Cohear is convening a series of ongoing brainstorms between those most impacted and various city leaders across Cincinnati.

We'll be sharing what we learn in our conversations along the way.

We will share the ideas and insights we learn on a regular basis through our website and social media. If you are interested in participating in our brainstorms with people most impacted or volunteer opportunities, You can fill out this form or reach out directly to

Top 4 Take Aways

From Our Brainstorms So Far

We need to find a way to relieve the stress of April Rent for both tenants and businesses.

Landlords should consider deferring/lowering rents, and canceling late fees. The City and other major organizations should consider public recognition or incentives for landlords who take these steps.

Parents need help keeping their kids engaged and learning.

Parents need help so they focus on working from home and staying sane. Donated computers and iPads, as well as schedules for parents to use for kids in different age groups, with links to specific resources, and a volunteer bank of tutors/teachers could help address immediate needs.

Create job connections to either remote work or temporary new jobs.

Huge numbers of people are being laid off or getting their hours cut. Every employer that can should ask themselves: "Do we have remote work that would be helpful to our business, and the capacity to bring on temporary 1099 help?" The Cincinnati USA Regional chamber is planning to maintain a job connections platform.

Ensure that seniors have safe and affordable access to groceries, prepared meals, and medications.

Seniors need regular deliveries of a combination of prepared meals and fresh groceries, as well as their medications. It is critical that nonprofits, restaurants, and neighbors band together to make sure that the seniors in their community are being cared for, because they are particularly vulnerable during this crisis.